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Chroma Coffee Terra espresso harmanı kapsül kahve

Bringing the
hues of coffee
to your cup



Chroma Coffee believes the convenient coffee doesn’t have to be dull or repetitive. With the motivation to change the perception of coffee capsules, we aim to offer a café quality experience without any hassle or expertise.

As Chroma Coffee, we believe roasting is a process to unlock the coffee bean’s full potential and enhance it rather than a way to standardize a very rich fruit sourced from a precious land.


That’s why we use single origin, high-quality beans and roast them gently with a modern approach. Allowing us to be able to fully represent these carefully selected bean’s original, rich and complex profile. Thus, each of our capsules have their own distinct profile to reflect the best experience the bean has to offer.

At Chroma Coffee, we offer a variety of distinct tasting Nespresso* suitable coffee capsule options. Our team has developed special roast profiles and recipes for each of our capsules to be able to fully reflect the aromas and flavours that these carefully selected beans have to offer. Each Chroma capsule takes you to a rich, complex and colourful journey full of aroma and taste.

Our Process
Kahve kavurma


From cupping to select our beans, to roasting and degassing, every process till coffee gets filled in our capsules are made with the best equipment and an experienced team.

As Chroma Coffee, we give a high emphasis on product quality and quality control. We ensure nothing interferes with customer experience, by allowing only the best product is presented to our customers with producing under constant quality control.

Our experienced team and automated quality control equipment makes sure only the finest and freshest coffee is filled in every single one of our capsules so you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee whenever you need.


What is the shelf life of Chroma capsules?

At Chroma Coffee, the capsules and foils that we supply from the leading global companies are filled in fully automated lines, untouched by hand, in a positive pressure environment with 99% food-grade nitrogen, allowing the coffee to remain fresh for up to 2 years.

What does "Single Origin" coffee mean?

Single Origin is the name given to coffee’s sourced from a single country/region without being blended with any other.

What does "Water Decaf" mean?

It is the name given to the process of separating caffeine from coffee by a delicate process using only water and heat. Thanks to this method, in which decaffeinated coffee is produced in the most natural, qualified and without the need for chemical use, you can manage your caffeine consumption without sacrificing coffee pleasure.

Which countries' coffees are used in the capsules?

Chroma Coffee uses high quality selected beans from; Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and India.
We continue to expand our range with new products to offer new origins.

Where are coffee capsules produced?

Capsules of Chroma Coffee completes the whole process untouched by a fully integrated line located in Turkey.

Are the capsules suitable for recycling?

Yes, all the materials of each our capsule boxes are recyclable, including the packaging. You can also find detailed information about how to reuse the coffee grounds in our capsules with the QR code inside our boxes or click here.



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